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Pete Walkden

Pete Walkden
Out looking for woodland birds

My Photography

I am a freelance photographer based in the West Midlands. My passion is wildlife photography, but never turn my back on any photo opportunity, and am available for commercial, pet and event photography too.

Since 2006 I have been spending any available moment out capturing the wonderful array of wildlife here in the UK, from insects to magnificent eagles. I have travelled extensively in the UK and built up a comprehensive image gallery of everything seen.


Anyone who follows me on Social Media or reads my blog will know that I have a passion for birds of prey, short-eared owls being a particular favourite. Eagles and other raptors always get my pulse racing, and I have spent a great deal of time on the West Coast of Scotland, in search of them.

With the exception of perhaps gulls, I do generally enjoy photographing any species of bird. I consider myself to be a photographer first, and a birder second. I don't generally chase rarities, but I have taken photographs of quite a few rare visitors to the UK.

Each season in the UK offers something interesting to capture, be it the winter thrushes feasting on the crop of berries, or mountain hares sitting out freezing blizzard conditions on a mountainside, or the migrant woodland birds returning in spring to set up nests once more. The diversity of insects throughout the warmer months and the creatures that rely upon them for survival and feeding their young provide plenty of inspiration. Autumn brings the rut, the glorious colours of deciduous woodlands and the first challenges for the youngsters, plus the migration for many away from our shores.

All the wildlife images on this website are from the wild.

The welfare of the wildlife is paramount and if sensible fieldcraft skills fail to achieve the images I am after, I will leave it for another day.


I am a Canon user, purely through preference of the controls layout when I picked up a camera years ago. I have both full and cropped sensor cameras, plus an array of lenses for macro, scenic, portrait and telephoto purposes.


Coming from a background of over 20 years in IT, I have created this website using a combination of HTML5 and CSS. I enjoy tinkering with new features so please let me know if something goes wrong. Wouldn't be the first time!

Social Media

For me, the likes of Twitter and Facebook provide a great route for airing new images or anything else I have created. Links to both of these are on my Home Page and also on Links, where there is a feed from my Twitter account.

I also run a blog to detail some of the adventures I have been on over the years.

Copyright And Image Sales

The copyright of all images taken by me remains with me. Please seek permission from me before using them.

I have a growing number of images available via Alamy now too.

The galleries on this website provide the means to purchase images from me. Currently I handle these transactions myself via PayPal and order the prints, to mount in card and send on once checked. This may well change soon when I employ a direct ordering system.

With the exception of the eagle charity print, all image prints are processed by Loxley Colour.


I am available for covering events - see here for details. And any commercial photography. Please email me with the details.

With years of photography experience, I can also offer tuition sessions for general or wildlife specific subjects.

I am starting to organise wildlife photography tours now too. As these grow in numbers, I will create a section for them.

And I will soon be offering talks on an array of subjects, also to be added to this website.


The News Pages provide some of the latest information on my activities, updates and new content on this site. I am enjoying writing articles on species, equipment and locations too, all included in the Articles pages.

Please let me know if I can help with a review of your product(s) or services.