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Pete Walkden

Pete Walkden
Out looking for woodland birds

Back in 2006 I realised that the bridge camera I was using simply wasn't good enough to capture the wildlife I was watching, and entered the world of digital SLR cameras. I have not looked back since, and it has taken over my life.

Today I am a freelance photographer with a passion for the wildlife of Britain, and spend as much time as I can capturing the diverse array of birds, animals, insects and their habitats with my camera.

Birds of prey are my absolute favourite subjects, especially owls and eagles which is why the Gallery of this site has separate sections specifically for them.

The images of wildlife on this website are all from Britain and are all taken in the wild.

While I am based in the Midlands, I adore the wildlife and scenery of the west coast of Scotland, and make annual trips to the Isle Of Mull. The island is packed full of exciting and accessible wildlife, and is beautiful to look at too. Other favourite destinations include the Cairngorms, the north Norfolk coast, mid-Wales and the Cotswolds.

In addition to an extensive gallery of images, I hope to share some of my experiences, photography tips and recommendations, plus reviews of equipment, clothing and locations.

Social media plays an important role with my passion, and I am active on Facebook and Twitter, plus have a separate blog for accounts of my trips. These are linked to from the Home and Links pages, with the latter including a feed from my Twitter account.

For more images, please head to my Flickr page which includes images from overseas, and a few from falconry centres, that I'd not air on here.

All images are copyrighted to me (Pete Walkden) and permission should be sought from me, before using them.

Prints of images on this site are available to buy from me, or from a growing number of outlets.

If you would like me to review any equipment, clothing etc, please contact me for details.

I hope you enjoy the contents of this website and would love to hear any comments - please see the Guestbook page for this.