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Mull Otter Tour

Sunday 12th Nov - Friday 17th Nov 2017 - Fully Booked

Sunday 19th Nov - Friday 24th Nov 2017 - Fully Booked

Female otter alert when fishing

Mull is often referred to as Eagle Island, but it could just as easily be called Otter Island, as it is arguably the best place in the UK to see otters in the wild.

With many hours of experience of finding and tracking these often elusive creatures, Andy Howard and Pete Walkden are now offering a 5 day photographic tour based on the Isle Of Mull, focusing on otters.

On this fully catered tour, based in a large farmhouse central to the island, Andy and Pete will take you to some of the best sites to see otters, and use their fieldcraft to get you close enough for some wonderful images too.

While the otters will be the main focus of the tour, other species encountered on the island, such as golden and white-tailed eagles, hen harriers, short-eared owls, merlins, divers, deer and even seals could be photographed too.

With all the cooking, cleaning and driving taken care of by Andy and Pete, you will be able to enjoy the tour and think only about the next shot.

With no set meal times, each day can be organised to maximise opportunities for photography, be it early starts or late finishes. Both vehicles will have an abundant supply of snacks and drinks throughout the day.

At the end of each day after a home-cooked meal, images taken can be reviewed and constructive criticism applied to see how they can be improved upon, through different angles or approaches to the shot, as well as post-processing, using software packages such as Lightroom and PhotoShop.

Pete first visited Mull in 2010 and immediately fell for its charms. Visiting every year since, often several times, Pete has explored the island in search of the wonderful array of wildlife on offer, and has spent countless hours photographing it, building up an extensive gallery of images, as well as knowledge of the very best places to see it all.

Andy's family have owned a home on the island of Mull since 1965, ever since he can remember he has loved spending time there. He cherishes his childhood memories of the carefree times spent there, searching for wildlife and collecting shells on the beautiful and unspoiled beaches.

As he grew and his attention was drawn towards wildlife photography, he has found himself making regular trips to the island to photograph its abundant wildlife. In recent years Mull has been very kind to both Pete and Andy and every trip has rewarded them handsomely with some of their most memorable wildlife encounters and images.

Otters often have to come ashore to deal with prey

To have a close encounter with a wild otter is a very special moment; to get close enough to capture good images takes stealth and exceptional field craft. To predict the behaviour takes time and experience, of course there is a certain amount of luck involved.

We believe strongly about the ethics of wildlife photography. When photographing otters our goal is for the otter to have absolutely no idea of our presence, this is especially important when photographing a mother with cubs, as the last thing we want is to separate a family, we will always err on the side of caution.

Photograph otter families including cubs

What will you learn?

Otters have great hearing

What’s included:


To photograph otters effectively requires an equal measure of both agility and stealth, at times over slippery boulders. If you are less able to dash along a slippery shoreline, as long as two clients of the same ability book as one party Pete or Andy can adapt to the party's needs. If you want to discuss your fitness level or ability with us please do get in touch.

What’s not included:

Recommended Equipment

Maximum of ONLY 2 Clients Per Guide

Cost £999

Tours start at 17:00 on the Sunday and will end at 17:00 on the Friday.

A non-refundable deposit of £399 will be required at the time of booking.The balance will be due six weeks before the tour.

Otters can appear playful