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Aside from insects, birds are the most diverse subjects in the UK where Pete does most of his photography, so he has the largest number of images of them. Pete's favourite subject to photograph are birds of prey, and he's never happier than when he's out pointing his camera at owls or eagles.

As Pete spends a great deal of time working with the little owls at his Worcestershire-based workshop setting, there is a separate gallery for these amusing little characters. Other species of owl can be found in the general Owls gallery.


These galleries include images of otters seen on Shetland and the Isle Of Mull, red squirrels from the Scottish Highlands along with mountain hares from the same location. Foxes from Pete's own suburban garden star in the Misc Gallery, together with images of majestic red deer from throughout the UK.

Snakes such as the elusive adder can be seen in the Cold Blooded Gallery, enter at your peril...


Featuring sights of landscapes that have caught Pete's attention, whilst he's been out looking for wildlife to photograph. Images will be from the UK.