Little Owls Gallery

Little Owls Gallery

Welcome to Pete's Little Owls Gallery.

Little owls are one of Pete's favourite subjects for wildlife photography, whether he has encountered them on his travels around the UK, or if he is working with them on the farm in Worcestershire, where he runs a photographic workshop with them.

With their angry stare, these charismatic owls are active both day and night, and unlike other species, aren't bothered by the rain, a massive benefit with British weather!

At the workshop, Pete has photographed the owls perched in trees and on buildings, and even on the bonnet of his own car. In addition, he has tried to capture images of them in flight; not an easy task as they fly quickly and in an undulating manner, jumping, eating, bringing up pellets, sunbathing and sleeping.

But the most amusing sight is of them running, and the little owls at the farm are often seen running around on the barn roof.

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