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Welcome to Pete's Owls Gallery.

Some of Pete's friends refer to him as "the owl whisperer" as he enjoys photographing wild owls so much, and also enjoys a good deal of success doing so. As well as running a little owl workshop (the little owls have their own gallery), he travels out to remote locations each winter in the hope of encountering the wintering short-eared owls, a species he considers to be perhaps his favourite of all to photograph.

Short-eared owls are diurnal, and while typically hunt at dawn and dusk, if the competition for food in the area is high (from other owls or birds of prey), then they will hunt throughout the day, which can be fabulous for photography.

With their yellow, feline-like eyes, short-eared owls are an arresting sight, and Pete has written a short guide to them, that can be found in the Articles section on this website.

Barn owls are always a treat to see, and can be found at some locations throughout the year. Unlike little owls, these soft-feathered, silent hunters almost never hunt in the rain, so choosing the right day to look for them is crucial.

Both long-eared and tawny owls are predominately nocturnal, which means encounters with them are few and far between. The latter can often be found roosting in trees during the day though, offering some photographic opportunities, and like short-eared owls, the long-eared variety will hunt during the day when they are providing for their young.

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