Learning The Basics Of Photography

If you're unfamiliar with f-stops, ISO, shutter speed and exposures, then this is the course for you.

Pete has over a dozen years of photographic experience and is happy to teach you the basics to get you up and running with wildlife photography.


Wildlife Photography

Pete will aim to teach you about the best tried and tested techniques for capturing great images of wildlife with your camera.

Popular subjects include capturing moving wildlife, such as birds in flight, or how to best hold the camera steady when out and about.

Still using shutter or aperture priority and would like to explore the wonderful world of manual, then this is the course for you.

RAW or JPEG, back-button focusing, AI modes, depth of field, motion blur... all can be discussed, explained and tested.



Learn techniques to make the very best of the images captured in your camera.

Learn the benefits of using RAW.

Adjustments, enhancements, cropping, straightening, sharpening, noise-reduction and much, much more.

Sessions will make use of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, plus additional plug-ins for making images pop!