Misc Mammals Gallery

Welcome to Pete's Misc Mammals Gallery.

While Pete spends a great deal of his time focusing on otters and hares, he never refuses opportunities with other wild animals throughout the UK, be it encounters on the hills of the Scottish Highlands with majestic red deer stags, or taking shots of the family of red foxes that visited his suburban garden, usually after the cubs had become more adventurous during the late spring.

If you would like the chance to take images of the red deer as seen in this gallery, please join Pete for one of his Highland Winter Workshops that he runs each year in Scotland. These workshops can be tailored to your needs and include a trip to the deer locations, if desired.

Trips to the coast have yielded some wonderful sights of the seal colonies, both on the east coast in Norfolk, and also in the sea lochs on the west coast of Scotland.

As mentioned, both otters and hares (mountain, brown and Irish) can be found in their own galleries, plus creatures such as snakes are in the Cold Blooded section.

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