Otters Gallery

Welcome to Pete's Otters Gallery.

After first seeing a wild otter on a trip to Scotland in 2005, Pete has since spent many hours watching and photographing these often shy and elusive animals, at beautiful and remote locations such as the Isle Of Mull and Shetland.

Unlike otters that can be found in rivers and lakes inland, the otters Pete has photographed in coastal areas are very active throughout the day, and as such, offer wonderful opportunities to photograph them, provided the correct fieldcraft is employed when approaching them.

As Pete runs successful workshops and tours concentrating on otters, he has amassed a large collection of images of these mustelids, from lone otters swimming, sleeping and eating, plus family groups, numbering up to four otters together, and even both play and real fights between individuals.

There is rarely a dull moment with these creatures, and even when they're asleep, they rarely remain still for long, moving around to groom or dry their fur off.

Please contact Pete if you would like to photograph otters for yourself, as he runs bespoke workshops on the Isle Of Mull.

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