Squirrels Gallery

Welcome to Pete's Squirrels Gallery.

While the introduced and somewhat troublesome grey species does features here, it is the native red squirrel that interests Pete, and as well as spending hours watching and photographing them himself, he offers workshops to capture similar shots for clients.

After seeing reds in Anglesey and the Lake District, the Highlands of Scotland have been very generous to Pete in recent years, and he has enjoyed a great deal of success with these creatures, both in completely wild environments, and also at feeding stations, used to attract wild squirrels.

It is at one such location, created by friend and fellow photographer Andy Howard, that Pete now offers workshops to capture images of these charming creatures posing, running, climbing and jumping, and also now posing on a reflection pool.

In 2019 Pete also saw his first red squirrel kit, a baby squirrel in effect, which visited the feeding station on several occasions. The workshops are predominately run during the winter months, when there is always a chance of some snow adding to the magic.

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