Raptors Gallery

Welcome to Pete's Raptors Gallery.

While owls have their own gallery, the remainder of the wild birds of prey that can be seen around the UK, are grouped together in this section.

The lure of watching birds of prey captivates Pete, and he will stop to photograph any of these hunters, from the humble kestrel to the magnificent white-tailed eagle.

Birds of prey are actually what led Pete to visit the Isle Of Mull many years ago, and the island has provided him with many encounters with all of the raptors that live there, including both white-tailed and golden eagles, kestrels, buzzards, peregrine falcons, hen harriers and even occasionally, merlins.

Away from Mull, Pete visits hotspots such as the Chilterns, the Cotswolds and of course mid-Wales, to see the aerial master, the red kite.

Pete feels very strongly about the protection of birds of prey within the UK, and has expressed his views on their threats in a number of posts on this page and on Social Media. As such, sights of persecuted species such as hen harriers are particularly treasured.

As a part of his bespoke workshops offered on the Isle Of Mull, Pete can take you to some of the best locations on the island, as well as out on the Mull Charters boat trip for the white-tailed eagles, to hopefully see some of these wonderful birds for yourself.

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