Join Pete for a photography workshop in Scotland focusing on Highlands Wildlife. Working in conjunction with friend Andy Howard, and making use of the fantastic sites he has set up and manages, Pete can guide you to seeing some of the most iconic and sort after subjects in the Scottish Highlands.

Highlands Wildlife - Crested Tit

Crested Tits

Andy has set up a feeding station in some local woods and this is where you will see crested tits, as well as other woodland birds. Pete has visited this site dozens of times and understands why Andy selected this location, as the light is superb, offering many varied backdrops, both bright and dark, plus a fantastic array of perches.

No hides are needed for this session. You have the freedom to move around the site as you please, to choose the best perches, light and location for your images.

Pete will be on hand to advise on settings, angles for shots and also to rig up the perches or encourage the crested tits to land on branches and twigs, while you concentrate on getting the shot.

Once a date is booked for a workshop, no-one else will be accepted for that day, ensuring you have exclusive access to the site and can focus on the shots you want to achieve.

NB: This is a winter workshop only.

Red Squirrels

As well as portrait images of these fabulous but sadly all too rare animals, the woodland feeding station Andy has created allows you to capture shots of red squirrels leaping. This is great fun to watch though not as easy as it may seem, when trying to get a sharp shot.

The site also has a wooden hide, which is invaluable for clients to shelter from the elements in. Carpeted to minimise noise, and equipped with tripod head adaptors on the window sills, it is the perfect spot to while away a few hours watching the antics of the squirrels.

The hide has perspex windows down one side to help shelter the occupants on some of the colder days, and even has a small gas heater to help thaw out those fingers exposed to the elements.

The site is constantly being improved to provide images of the squirrels (and woodland birds) on stumps, branches, perches and amongst the vegetation. And is configured to make the best use of the light as it moves around the area. Both backlit and rim-lit images are possible here.

There is now also a reflection pool at the site, which makes use of another hide, and offers the chance of getting images of the squirrels and some birds, as they feed at the end of the pool.

Highlands Wildlife - Red Grouse

Other Wildlife Species

Each day can be tailored to meet your requirements, ensuring you have the best chance to photograph exactly what you would like.

  • Red grouse.
  • Red deer.
  • Snow buntings.
  • Mountain goats.
  • Eagles.
  • Divers and grebes.
  • Wintering ducks.
  • Mountain hares.
  • Brown hares.
  • Red kites
  • Otters
  • Dolphins

  • Not all species listed above are available to photograph all year. Please check before booking on what is possible for the dates in mind.


  • Advice on clothing for the day plus what photographic gear to bring along.
  • Transport for the day in all weathers in a 4x4 vehicle, typically from an agreed meeting location.
  • Snacks and drinks throughout the day.
  • Instruction and guidance as applicable.
  • Assistance with any camera settings if required.
  • Public liability cover via professional photographic insurance policy.
  • Not Included:

  • Accommodation.
  • Transport to and from the Scottish Highlands
  • Photographic equipment.
  • Fitness:

    Most of the tour is conducted from the vehicle, though you might be required to walk a short distance to approach wildlife, or if the session includes use of a hide away from vehicular access areas.


  • 1-to-1 £250 per day
  • 1-to-2 £350 per day
  • A non-refundable fee of £50 is required at the time of booking.
  • Full payment is required before the day(s)
  • Multi-day discounts are available on request.
  • FAQ

    1Can I cancel or change the date of the booking?

    Provided Pete is available for the new date(s) and sufficient notice is given for the change of date, then yes.

    Any deposit or money paid for a booking cannot be refunded should the booking need to be cancelled.

    2Can I change the booked wildlife plans during the day, depending on conditions?

    Possibly, depending on the availability of the sites that Pete uses from Andy. He may also have clients booked at the red squirrel or crested tit sites, so this may limit options.

    3What happens if the wildlife doesn't show?

    Pete will use his discretion here, should you experience a day of no-shows for the wildlife. In which case, an additional day may be offered at a discounted rate.