Wildlife Photography Workshops can be tailored to your exact needs, and may be simply a day or up to a week in duration. Unlike the tours, these are simply guided days where the focus is on the wildlife, and not accommodation and catering. The content and structure of each day can be decided in advance or on the day itself, but will ensure you learn about the wildlife subject(s) including how to best photograph it, and both locate and approach it.

Pete will attempt to find out as much as he can about your requirements for each workshop, in advance of the date, so as to best approach the session.

Workshops taking place over a number of days can also include elements from the tours, such as additional trips (the cost of which will be built into the cost of the workshop if possible), tuition, and post-processing techniques.

Please use the Winter Workshops page to create photography workshops for the wildlife found in the Scottish Highlands, such as mountain hares, ptarmigan, red squirrels and more. Currently these are restricted to the winter months, normally February, though Pete is considering expanding this to include December, and also possibly months during the spring and summer.

Workshops - Little Owls

Little Owl Workshop

Spend a day with the little owls that live on a farm in Worcestershire.

Pete will be on hand to advise you on settings throughout the day, as well as arranging perches and hopefully getting the little owls to perform for you.

As well as images of the owls perched, the workshop aims to capture action shots of the owls running across the barn roof, jumping, eating and even flying.

From late July there may also be ridiculously cute, fluffy owlets posing for photos too.

Mull Workshop

Mull Workshop

Spend 3 or more days on the Isle Of Mull with Pete as your guide, helping you locate and capture images of the wildlife that can be found there.

Otters are the most popular subject for these workshops, but each trip can be tailored to your needs, and focus on species such as white-tailed eagles, golden eagles, hen harriers and more.

Pete also provides the transport around Mull in a comfortable 4x4 vehicle, at no extra cost, including collection from the ferry terminal if required, and pick-up / drop-off to your accommodation each day.

Workshop Cost

The price of the workshop will vary according to the subject and location. Any additional trips or elements required during a workshop may be included in the overall initial price, or charged during the session.

Currently the workshops based on Mull need to be of at least three days to allow sufficient time to increase the likelihood of getting images of subjects. Subjects such as otters can be difficult to achieve if your visit coincides with unfavourable wind direction or tide times. That said, Pete recently spent a week on Mull with both such conditions, and still guided clients to the otters.

The weather can also affect any trips built into workshops, so having additional days available may allow for the trip to be rearranged during your stay on the island.