December 2018

Red Squirrel
November 2018
10th December 2018
January 2019
4th February 2019

After spending a month in Scotland, between the Highlands and Mull, returning home to the seemingly barren Midlands is always going to be tough. Add to that the grey weather that led up to Christmas, and visits for seeing wildlife were sparse.

On one brighter day, I drove south to explore the Cotswolds, and early afternoon happened upon a barn owl hunting. While it was never as close as I would have liked, I did see it dive down for prey a couple of times, and with some judgement, and a slice of fortune, captured the dive taking place.

Other trips in December yielded images of drake smews and a rather lovely juvenile black-throated diver, both fairly local to me. But the owl shot was my favourite, so features here.