July 2019

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8th August 2019
Red Kite
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9th September 2019

With high tide approaching, and only one of the two otters we had been watching left in sight, I began to think our luck would be out again. Yes, we were getting some nice (and different) images, but I didn't see the experience as being a magical one quite yet.

Then, as the tide levelled out, the water in the loch calmed, and reflected the hills behind, turning the water a dark, deep and rich green colour... just as one otter came out on to one of the support struts of the pier to eat her catch. With the scene magically materialising in front of me, I (quite firmly for me!) told my two clients to move from their hiding places and join me for the same view, to capture the shot.

Thankfully both were able to slither over the seaweed in time to see the otter reflected in the gorgeous coloured water, and capture some truly magical images.

I'm just relieved I also had bothered to take a camera with me, for once! And bagged July's IOTM, from Mull.