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30th October 2017

There's a little owl under there somewhere...

It's a been a funny year with the little owls. Back in May I hadn't seen any action up at the farm for months, and assumed the introduction of a pig-pen to the area beside where they nested had seen them off for good.

Then whilst cleaning the muck off my car one Sunday at home, one of my friends from the farm parked up and informed me that he'd seen the owls! Within an hour I was back up there, and laughing as one of the adults promptly flew down to land a few feet from me, to stare, possibly demanding some help, with as it turned out, three young owlets. Fabulous.

This was fantastic for me, and also for a number of clients who had emailed during the winter to ask about the workshops with the owls. And the owls certainly didn't disappoint anyone who joined me for one of the workshops, with most clients leaving with several hundred images of them.

So after missing out on being featured in August, it seemed right to feature the adult of the owl family here, in a very unusual pose, as he used a heavy downpour of rain to wash his dusty feathers.