November 2017

October 2017
30th October 2017
December 2017
30th December 2017

This November saw the first Mull-based Otter Photography Tours take place, and both were thankfully a roaring success for us as guides, and more importantly, our clients.

Each day posed challenges in terms of locating otters, getting the clients close enough to photograph them (and safely), riding our luck and falling foul of it, and dealing with the weather that rolled in from the Atlantic Ocean, and with our experience, determination and skill, we succeeded most days in enjoying at least one delightful encounter with these elusive mammals.

This image came from a fantastic day though, that had seen us observe and photograph a mother and cub for much of the day, and then happen upon another mother later, with as it turned out, two very young cubs, plus perhaps a previous offspring from the mother, or sibling maybe, providing us with a scene of four otters. History repeating itself from the summer tour, though this time the cubs were much, much smaller.

Mostly this group were separated when the adults were out fishing and the youngsters remained on the shore, or when together, all we could see were their backs, tails and paws protruding from a furry mass in the seaweed. Thankfully for a moment, they all lined up, and all three of us photographers got a great image.

Dates for next year's Otter Tours are already on this site, so please contact me if you're interested in coming along.