Little Owl Workshops 2019

Little owl scuttling along...
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19th June 2019
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21st March 2020

The Little Owl Workshop is now open for business...

The format of the workshop remains the same, see here for all the requirements. But, there are some changes, as follows:

  • There are no owlets this year. The nest has failed for some reason, so only one adult is present.
  • As such, the adult will only come down for food if it is hungry.
  • There is a chance that the owl will not show at all.
  • Workshops will start in the morning and end around lunchtime. If the owl is showing well, this may extend the session until activity stops.
  • Fee for the workshop reflects the shortened session time.
  • Workshop Fee: £100 for one person. £125 for two people (joint bookings only).
  • Deposit of £50 required to book a session
  • To book, either fill out the form linked below, or email Pete directly.

Here is a selection of images taken by Pete (using a 1.6 cropped sensor camera, a Canon 7D mk2 and 100-400mm lens) during the week leading up to this announcement. These are the sort of images hoped for from a session, if the owl plays ball!