January 2021

December 2020
4th January 2021
Golden Eagle
February 2021
3rd March 2021
Five WTEs and an otter

What with the move from the Midlands up to Mull, and the self-imposed isolation that followed, January was a lean month in terms of photo opportunities.

That said, at the end of the spell trapped in our house, we did venture out to the tidal lochs and beaches for a change of scene and much needed different walk.

On one of the walks, we chatted briefly to another admirer of wildlife who kindly pointed out a couple of white-tailed eagles perched on a man-made spit of land near a fish farm. After a brief drive around the edge of the loch, we returned back past the spot and realised that there were more eagles now in attendance, and I grabbed a shot.

Armed with the 500mm and converter, I could only fit five of the six eagles in the shot, but on checking the image, I realised that an otter was also on the shore.

Made for quite a different scene, and gets the honour of being January's image.